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A below-elbow adjustable and modular Myoelectric Prosthetic arm for children



Industrial Design Intern

User Research, Benchmarking, Competitor Analysis, User Interviews, Ideation, Form Exploration, Prototyping, Ergonomics, CAD & 3D Renders  


Dee Dee Labs Pvt. Ltd.


Problem Statement​

• Existing prostheses, especially advanced bionic myoelectric arms, are expensive and not tailored to kids.

• Traditional prostheses do not accommodate children's growth, requiring frequent costly replacements.

• A typical scaled-down adult prosthesis doesn't meet the unique needs of children.


• Develop a cost-efficient, modular myoelectric prosthesis designed specifically for children.

• Create a prosthesis that grows with the child, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

• Design the prosthesis to be emotionally engaging, encouraging a positive outlook on disability.


• The prosthesis will have an adjustable design, allowing it to adapt to a child's growth.

• It will be modular, enabling cost-effective updates and customization.

• Emphasis on intuitive control for ease of use and muscle memory development.

• The design will be fun and playful to foster emotional connection and encourage social integration.


• A more affordable bionic arm option for underprivileged children in India.

• Enhanced functionality with intuitive controls, allowing for intricate movements and object handling.

• Longer lifespan due to adjustable design, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

• Aesthetic design to promote a positive and inclusive attitude towards disability.


• Allow children to grow and adapt with a single type of prosthesis.

• Encourage a playful and positive perspective on disabilities.

• Reduce the stigma associated with prosthetic limbs through innovative design and customization options.


This Graduation Project was shortlisted in the Top 100 across the globe and showcased under Prototypes for Humanity in 
Global Grad Show 2021 edition

Want to know in detail?

This Graduation Project is done under the sponsorship of
Dee Dee Labs Pvt. Ltd. Pune.
All Rights Reserved.
A Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed with the sponsor company.
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