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Accrued Interest & Average Monthly Balance



UI/UX Designer

User Research, Benchmarking, Competitor Analysis, Ideation, Wireframing and Prototyping


Hackathon Winner: Sourab Kumar (PM), Khyati Lathigara (Sr. Designer)

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What influenced the idea?

We Observed...

People love to see and predict how their money will grow with time

Users have a habit of keeping a track of their bank balance 

How might we?

Use this to engage users in the app more and come up with ways to inspire them to park their money into their savings account 


Accrued interest

Accrued Interest is the total interest accumulated up to a specific date before it is credited. It is calculated based on the concluding balance of the day, impervious to any daily transactions that may occur thereafter.

Average Monthly Balance

The Average Monthly Balance in your Savings Account is calculated by dividing the sum of daily closing balances by the total number of calendar days in a month. This method provides a clear and precise reflection of your account's financial standing for that period.

Final approach


All our users majorly visited the home screen to view their balance tiles. We strategically placed the amounts below the savings balance.

  • Placing the average monthly and accrued interest balances below the savings amount enhances user comprehension.

  • It facilitates a seamless correlation between current earnings based on their savings balance.

  • Empower users to effortlessly track their financial progress.

iPhone 13 Pro_edited.png

Accrued Interest

Landing page

  • The main focus was to show the user their  accrued interest for the current quarter

  • Educate them about interest rate slabs​ 

  • Encourage them to explore the calculator


  • Allow users to explore the feature 

  • Help plan their investments and show clear breakdowns I

  • Inspire them to add money to their account

Average Monthly Balance

This enables the user to track their monthly goals and give an overview of their average savings

  • Helps users to see their annual and monthly amounts

  • Educate users about the feature

  • Highlight their current months amounts

Landing page

How did this feature help?

NPS Boost:

Our app's Net Promoter Score (NPS) increased by +5!

Support Improvement:

Customer support tickets dropped by approximately 10%, with fewer AMB-related queries.


Business Success:

Running AMB-level tiered reward campaigns has become easier, driving positive business impact.

Increased User Engagement:

Tap rates and app engagement increased significantly on Accrued Interest as intended!

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