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An aid to identify a drowning victim

Drowning is a process of experiencing respiratory impairment as a result of being under liquid.

What is drowning?

Secondary Research
Studying causes of water fatalities for different age groups.

Drowning doesn't look like drowning.

Case Study


Kid starts drowning after 5 secs entering the pool.

Kid struggles to keep head above water. 

Kids actions are misunderstood and overlooked.


Goes near side railing but fails to hold it 

Goes unconscious and floats upside down after 1:44 secs

The floating body is identified after 4 minutes by people in pool.

Drowning is often quick & silent and is gone unnoticed.

Drowning victims aren’t loud - they won’t even make a sound which is why drowning is quick and silent.

An untrained person may not even notice if a person is drowning.


There are no cries for help as victim has no time, energy or air to call the help.

To an untrained observer, it may not be obvious that a person is in distress. The victim may appear to be swimming safely, while actually within 20-60 secs of sinking under water.


To be able to recognise a drowning victim by detecting instinctive drowning responses.


To alert and emphasise on victim when they panic and start showing instinctive drowning responses

What are Instinctive Drowning Responses?
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